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Sextet Set: OPTIMISM recorded by ONE FOR ALL on OPTIMISM*
Sextet Set / HL00001069
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Sharp Nine 1010-2 / February 16 & 17, 1998 

Tempo various
Arrangement Difficulty medium
Solo Difficulty medium

Optimism (Steve Davis)
This is a great opener, and it opened One For All's second recording (Optimism) in 1998. The rhythm section sets an intriguing 4 measure vamp figure that the horns soon bounce off of. After an 8 measure question and answer bridge, the horns trill over a 4 measure latin bass line, then it's back to the top. The solos start after an 8 measure interlude. Steve has added optional backgrounds for any soloist.

All For One (Eric Alexander)
For the second arrangement in the set, you get into a medium slow groove. Eric has created an interesting melodic and solo form: A A (a repeated 14 measure section), B (8 measures), and then another A.

Pearls (David Hazeltine)
Now you're ready for some energy. After an 8 measure rhythm section Latin intro, the melody stays Latin for 12 bars requiring the drums to set up the ensemble figures before switching to swing for all but the last 4 measures of the melody. The solos are swing, except for the last 4 measures of each chorus (Latin). There are optional 2 or 3 horn backgrounds for any soloist. There is also an optional shout chorus added to the original arrangement which is another Don Sickler orchestration drawn from David's solo choruses from the original recording.

The Prevaricator (Jim Rotondi)
Now we slow down a little for some 3/4, but never straight walking. A loose 2 against 3 feel is what really works. It's an unusual AABB form in the challenging key of E minor. It also has one of those memorable melodies that you'll find yourself walking around humming. There are also some optional backgrounds.

His Lordship (David Hazeltine)
His Lordship is a dedication to the great Cedar Walton. It is through composed (without distinct parts) with a repeat and a tag. The solo form is slightly different from the head, although it goes through the same tonal center.

Straight Up (Eric Alexander & Jim Rotondi)
Another great set closer, it's guaranteed to get the crowd screaming and on their feet! This is an swinging uptempo blues with bridge: two choruses of blues followed by a II-V sequence bridge, then one more blues chorus. The tempo of this one can be as fast as you know you can maneuver the head. The solo background riffs are drawn from Jim's solo on the original recording. The Drum solo section starts by dividing the blues sections: 4 bars ensemble, 8 bars drum solo. After the Drum solo, it's D.C. al Coda, which has a dramatic ending.

*except His Lordship

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